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What to expect from a session

A typical reflexology session lasts an hour and starts with a consultation about your health and lifestyle. We will discuss your medical history to establish any underlying health problems. I will also ask what you wish to gain from reflexology therapy.

You will then be required to remove your shoes and socks before being seated comfortably in a reclining chair, or on a massage table. I will start by warming up the feet by applying pressure from the toes to the heel according to your comfort. Firm thumb and hand movements will then be used to identify areas of tenderness or tension.

Reflexology is not painful, however certain areas of the feet may feel more tender than others. This will depend on what area of the body they correspond with. Sensitivity will vary from person to person, the amount of pressure applied is adjusted accordingly. After a session, your feet will feel warm and you should experience a general feeling of calm and relaxation. You may even feel sleepy.

The number of reflexology sessions you'll need will depend on the condition being treated. I will discuss this with you and devise a treatment plan.

You may experience the relaxing effects of reflexology after just one session. It may take longer to notice benefits in other parts of the body. Many people find their sleeping and moods improve over the course of a few sessions. This will, however, differ between individuals.

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